Apiaddicts Presentación Axway 5 APIGW NOV2015

Canal público / PSD2

Presentación de José Manuel de Axway sobre cómo aplicar su API Manager en PSD2

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1. Axway API Management Palanca de la Transformación Digital

6. Test Deploy Manage Promote Monitor Repor t Develop API Manager Policy Studio API Tester Analytics API Portal API Gateway

25. Axway API Management Muchas gracias . José Manuel de Diego jmdediego@axway.com

2. We provide market - leading software and services that empower our customers to govern the flow of data that drives business - critical interactions.

23. Web Dashboard BBDD Analytics API Gateway API Gateway API Gateway Informes Operationnal Intelligence Monetización No incluido en la solución

8. Partner Apps Business Systems Partner Apps Enterprise Apps Cloud Apps Mobile & Desktop Apps API Gateway

16. Graphical policy development Flow - chart style visualization of policies 200+ pre - built operators 50+ pre - built connectors Drag filters onto the policy flow chart, link and configure

13. On - Premise • Virtual Appliance • Software • Hardware Cloud • Amazon AMI • Axway Managed Service Hybrid • Combine on - premise Gateway & Cloud - based Portal • Cloud Scaling

17. • A graphical tool to test API performance, scalability, and security • Can test APIs deployed on any accessible system of API and Service providers • With the API Tester you can: • Profile API capabilities • Perform load and performance testing • Simulate attacks to identify API vulnerabilities • You can use API Tester to send an example request message to a specific API service, and view the associated response

19. • A graphical tool that enables you to promote API Gateway configurations from development environments to upstream environments (testing, production) • Configurations are exported from the Policy Studio and stored into archives • The archives are imported into the Configuration Studio and the Configurations are customized for the target environment • Designed for the skills of upstream administrators , does not assume expertise in policy development

5. Omnichannel Data Applications Services Cloud Resources Auth’N , Auth’Z , Sec. Identities Management Security Orchestration, Composition Control & Governance &OI Mediation: Integration Virtualization APIs translation Protocols translation APIs Ad - Hoc Multichannel Vordel API Gateway Monitoring, Optimization Life Cycle, Administration INNER APIs: SOAP , XML, FTP, JMS, SQL ,, X.509, Kerberos

7. API API Manager Application Developers / API Consumers API Portal API API Registration & Lifecycle API Catalog Partner & Policy Administration Self - Service API c onsumption Build developer community New channel to market brand API Owner API Administrators Self - register to resources Browse and learn APIs Manage application credentials R E S T Policy Enforcement API Gateway Register and manage API lifecycle Perform partner, policy and process admin Monitor and report API use Policies Developers

15. • API Registration Lifecycle – Register and virtualize API – M anage lifecycle thru to retirement • API Catalog – Browseable API documentation • Partner & Policy Administration – Onboard and manage partners, developers and applications – Configure policies managing API consumption – Monitor and report API usage

21. • API Registration Lifecycle – Register and virtualize API – M anage lifecycle thru to retirement • API Catalog – Browseable API documentation • Partner & Policy Administration – Onboard and manage partners, developers and applications – Configure policies managing API consumption • Monitor and report API usage

12. 13 App s App s App & SOA Infrastructure • Parsing • Schema Validation • Transformation • Signing • Encryption & Decryption • SSL Termination / Ops. • Caching • Content Based Routing API GATEWAY

3. Axway API Management Legacy Services Data Assets Existing IT Applications Developers Mobility / Devices Social Customers / Partners API MANAGEMENT Cloud

10. App s App s Enterprise Identity Infrastructure Cloud Identity Servi c es • Policy Enforcement Point • Auth’N , Auth’Z , Audit • WS - *, SAML, XACML... • XML Firewall • Encryption & Signing • Security Token Service • Key Management • Data Privacy Filtering API GATEWAY

11. App s App s Network & System Management • SLA Monitoring & Audit • SLA Policy Enforcement • Service/License Metering • API Usage Tracking • Traffic Throttling • Traffic Smoothing • Content Routing • Content Blocking • Service Usage Analysis API GATEWAY

9. App s Apps Security API GATEWAY Enterprise B2B Infrastructure • Protocol Translation • HTTP, JMS, TIBCO ... • Message Transformation • REST, SOAP, JSON ... • Message Enrichment • Secured File Transfer • Token Translation • API Management • Service Virtualization

24. • Answers to following questions: – What APIs are being used and what time day of day – How much are the APIs used? – When are the APIs used? – Where is the API traffic coming from? – Who is using the APIs? • Provides information across all instances: – Auditing and logging – Monitoring – Analysis • Scheduled Reports • PDF or CSV Export

14. Analytics Web Based UI providing monitoring and reporting both a the lower message level and the higher service level API Gateway Core API Gateway Manager Control, Infrastructure Adm API Tester Testing of policies and integrations Policy Studio RCP based IDE to develop policies and integrations API Manager Web Based UI providing API Management capabilities and API self - registration. Integration A super translator. Performs mediation tasks like protocol translation, message transformation. Security Provides authentication and authorization . Tight integration with your enterprise identity management infrastructure Control Provides monitoring of service quality and performance, metering usage and throttling of traffic. Acceleration Offloads CPU intensive tasks such as schema validation and digital signing. API Portal API Documentation CMS system based on Joomla. Configuration Studio Deployment

22. Runs on Joomla CMS Platform • Fully customizable to give unique branded experience • Separate web tier independent from API Gateway + Manager • Engage internal and 3 rd party developers to use APIs • Build partner and developer community around APIs • New channel to market brand API Portal Application • Self - register and profile management • Manage applications credentials • Browse APIs and documentation • Test APIs • Monitor application usage of APIs 3 rd Party Joomla Plug - ins • Blogs • Forums


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