Open Source tools created by APIAddicts with help from Madrid Digital and CloudAPPi

Our Foundation's APITools

We live in a world where the importance of digital transformation increases day by day, and we want to contribute to it by providing you with tools and education intended to ensure concepts such as Open Innovation become your company’s philosophy rather than a one-off event.

API-First integration with our APITools


OpenAPI2postman generates every format test and validation needed for each API environment.


This tool provides validation for your API definition based on corporate standards.


A visual tool that generates archetypes of microservices connected to a data base.


This tool generates SOAPUI using openapi.

Our APITools have been developed to avoid common errors such as:

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DemoDay - API-First Integration

APIAddicts holds an exclusive monthly Demo to help you learn more about the best OpenSource tools: our foundation’s APITools, resulting of our experience and made to perfectly complement your own tools. If you would like to receive an invitation to the event you can let us know by contacting our team. –  Limited spots available.

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