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Nowadays everything is API-fied, this has led to the appearance of a new role where business and technology meet: the API Owner.

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With our API Owner course, you will be able to define, validate and document APIs following the requirements of the business, while keeping in mind the technical aspects.  You will learn everything you need to become a well-known front-runner in new technologies, where everything is API-fied

Course & Learning Objectives

Course syllabus

Some of the companies that have trained in APIs

Meet the companies that have trained and improved their skills regarding APIs with us 


All of our lecturers are professionals in the IT field, and currently work in some of the leading API companies. For the duration of the course they’ll be at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.

Marco Antonio Sanz Foto

Marco A. Sanz

API Evangelist and first business analyst of BBVA ApiMarket. His company has one of the biggest lists of API integrations, and is one of the most experienced in Apigee in the world. 

Isabelle Mauny Foto
Field CTO 42Crunch

Isabelle Mauny

A security expert that has spent most of her career at IBM, playing a key role in the european launch of products as emblematic as WebSphere Application Server.

Omar del Valle
CTO AT Finect

Omar del Valle

A currently C#/Node focused developer that claims to be addicted to terms such as: OOP, clean code, refactoring, maintainability, patterns/anti-patterns, solid principles & agile methodology.

Rafael Granados
API Evangelist at Inditex

Rafael Granados

DDD architecture enthusiast, CI and CD evangelist. A big fan of Open-source software. He has worked at CaixaBank as API Product Owner, now he works as an API Evangelist at Inditex.

Luis Torres Foto

Luis Torres

A big Serverless and Open-source enthusiast. With over 10 years of experience in the field he currently holds the position of IT Integration Architect & Product Owner API Governance at Rimac.

Jacob de las Peñas
API Expert at CloudAPPi

Jacob de las Peñas

A developer currently focused on C#/Node that claims to be addicted to terms such as: OOP, clean code, refactoring, maintainability, patterns/anti-patterns, solid principles & agile methodology.

Paco Flores Foto
API Expert at cloudappi

Paco Flores

Once Gentera México’s API program leader. Greatly experienced in architecture, web development, mobile and API administration.
Now he leads the team of CloudAPPi Mexico as an API Expert.

Become a certified API Owner!


Read on to solve all your questions about the course!

To obtain your API Owner certification, you must complete the API Owner course and pass the final exam that certifies you have gained the target skills. 

Our API Owner course has both a technical and business-oriented focus, allowing you to cover

In the course you will learn about the full process of API integration, which is why you will learn about various technologies such as WSO2, Postman… 

One of our main goals for the course is for it to be well-rounded, meaning you will be able to put what you learned into practice regardless of the programming language you choose to use. 

Sure! All of our certifications are generated via Blockchain technology that allows you to share your credential to every platform you want (CV, web, LinkedIn profile, recruitment process, tenders…). Let everyone know you are a certified API professional!

All of our courses are 100% funded by FUNDAE in Spain, depending on the available credit in your company you can receive the corresponding funding to take the course for free. To learn more about this, check out this link.

If you are interested in taking the course from a different country, get in contact with our team.

Yes! In fact, given our experience we strongly recommend this option, as it provides the whole team with the necessary expertise to deal with APIs.

There is also the option to take an in-house course that can be tailored to your companies needs, both technological and corporate. If you are interested in this option, please send us a message.

To ensure the privacy of the data shared in the course (real examples from other companies, private accounts and information…) we do not share the recordings of the classes. Besides, the added value of the course resides in the live streaming aspect of the classes, allowing you to consult the experts and ask them questions in real time.

What do our students think?

Read some of the reviews left by alumni of the API Academy.

"A great building ground to become an API Owner. All of the classes where very interesting and the professors where great!!"
foto profile testimonial 2
API Owner
Arquitecto de Integración API
"A lot of diversity in themes, we were able to learn about each of the aspects important for API strategy. The professors are very experienced, the classes are dynamic and the information learned is clear and innovative."
foto profile testimonial 4
API Evangelist
Jefe de Proyectos
"The notions learned where quite fascinating and of use for both my growth as a professional and my job. I'm very pleased with the course."
foto profile testimonial
API Owner
Digital architect

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