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Nowadays everything is API-fied, that’s why being a certified API professional becomes increasingly important and differential with each passing year. API integration has been proven to be the most cost-effective method when it comes to successfully achieving digital transformation. It comes as no surprise how highly requested it is by companies, who then use APIs as the key element to grow and present their services in this globalized world.

Our foundation has helped over 200 professionals in receiving their desired certification with our specialized courses.


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All of our lecturers are professionals in the IT field, and currently work in some of the leading API companies. For the duration of the course they’ll be at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.

Marco Antonio Sanz Foto

Marco A. Sanz

API Evangelist and first business analyst of BBVA ApiMarket. His company has one of the biggest lists of API integrations, and is one of the most experienced in Apigee in the world. 

Isabelle Mauny Foto
Field CTO 42Crunch

Isabelle Mauny

A security expert that has spent most of her career at IBM, playing a key role in the european launch of products as emblematic as WebSphere Application Server.

Omar del Valle
CTO en Finect

Omar del Valle

A currently C#/Node focused developer that claims to be addicted to terms such as: OOP, clean code, refactoring, maintainability, patterns/anti-patterns, solid principles & agile methodology.

Rafael Granados
API Evangelist en Inditex

Rafael Granados

DDD architecture enthusiast, CI and CD evangelist. A big fan of Open-source software. He has worked at CaixaBank as API Product Owner, now he works as an API Evangelist at Inditex.

Luis Torres Foto

Luis Torres

A big Serverless and Open-source enthusiast. With over 10 years of experience in the field he currently holds the position of IT Integration Architect & Product Owner API Governance at Rimac.

Jacob de las Peñas
API Expert at CloudAPPi

Jacob de las Peñas

A developer currently focused on C#/Node that claims to be addicted to terms such as: OOP, clean code, refactoring, maintainability, patterns/anti-patterns, solid principles & agile methodology.

Paco Flores Foto
API Expert at cloudappi

Paco Flores

Once Gentera México’s API program leader. Greatly experienced in architecture, web development, mobile and API administration.
Now he leads the team of CloudAPPi Mexico as an API Expert.


Our main course is a benchmark in the field that gives you a 360 vision of API governance. Nowadays everything is API-fied, this has led to the appearance of a new role where business and technology meet: the API Owner.
Marco Antonio Sanz Foto
Marco Antonio Sanz
API Evangelist

Where do our events take place?

Because of the current situation caused by the pandemic, most of our events will be held ONLINE. Nevertheless, these are some of the locations where our on-site courses usually take place:

Google Campus

Google Campus

C/ Moreno Nieto,2 28005 Madrid



C/ de la Sierra de Atapuerca,13 28050 Madrid

La Nave

La Nave

C/ Cifuentes, 5 28021 Madrid



Plaza de Sta. Bárbara, 8 28004 Madrid

curso api owner en la open pucp


Blvd. Plaza Mantaro, Pueblo Libre 15088, Perú

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Every month we carry out an exclusive Demo where you can see the best Open-source tools up-close, the APITools developed by the Foundation as a result of our experience and made to perfectly complement your own tools.

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Eventos APIAddicts 2022 - startupsylasapis
BUSINESS & APIs - JunE 2022


One of the most disruptive events to exist in the current Startups landscape. Over three days, you will be able to listen to the testimonies of various speakers from the top fields in the world: Eco, Fintech, Travel, Insurtech, HR…
Organized by CloudAPPi, digital transformation consulting firm, in collaboration with the APIAddicts Foundation.

Eventos APIAddicts 2022 - apiaddictsdays22
API Experts - Octubre 2022


The APIAddictsDays have become the biggest API event in Spanish. These seminars feature the latest news in the industry, as well as the methods of new technologies used in  API integration. In this international gathering, companies and professionals share the triumphs and shortcomings they faced while building API governance.


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"A great building ground to become an API Owner. All of the classes where very interesting and the professors where great!!"
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API Owner
API Integration Architect
"A lot of diversity in themes, we were able to learn about each of the aspects important for API strategy. The professors are very experienced, the classes are dynamic and the information learned is clear and innovative."
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API Evangelist
Project Manager
"The notions learned where quite fascinating and of use for both my growth as a professional and my job. I'm very pleased with the course."
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API Owner
Digital architect